At BECYCLE get ready to break all the stereotypes about traditional spinning you’ve had before!

We work out and set goals following the latest spinning trends.

We love to push a little more to meet your objectives… and break through the limits. It makes us unique!

Dive in an amazing atmosphere with energetic instructors, enthusiastic people, upbeat music, air purifier, a colorful light show and the best spinning videos.

With many different classes and a diversified schedule, you’ll for sure find the perfect match with your agenda and personal fitness goals.

We provide you all the facilities you need to go from your Energy-Boosting workout to work or simply meet your friends for dinner.




Benefits for your Body:
Do a whole-body cardio workout
Reduce weight and burn fat
Increase your heart endurance
Reduce your blood pressure
Improve your aerobic fitness
Develop your lean muscles
Burn 500 – 1000+ calories in just one ride!

Benefits for your Mind:
Promote good mood and optimism
Have lowers stress levels
Fight anxiety and depression
Feel the spirit of spending energy like a single team
Recharge your batteries and feel energized
Be satisfied of yourself and improve your self-confidence
Clean your head and be ready for new challenges!