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        • Student working in a lab

        CAFUC News and Events

        Discover cover story

        Civil Aviation Flight university of China

        Minimum of 500 hrs instruction teaching, for the issue of current commercial licenses, instrument ratings, flight instructor licenses and first class medical certificate and above. We prefer to have those with CAAC or FAA commercial licenses and flight instructor licenses. Be fluent in Civil Aviation English. Under 60 years of age.

        Overseas Flight School Cooperative Training Declaration

        As the oldest and biggest pilot training school in China, Civil Aviation Flight University of China regularly and stably provides batches of pilots in the modification training of first officer for all domestic airlines in China, and keeps a long-term cooperative partnership with the overseas flight schools in pilots' training.

        Marquette Magazine Winter 2016

        Department of Studies

        It is under the management of the university, which determines the developing plans of the educational cause.

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        Department of Enrollment

        It is an organization chiefly in charge of planning the specialties and providing the requirements regulation graduation diploma.

        Haggerty Museum of Art

        Flight Safety Division

        Fight Safety Division (FSD) is responsible for the flight teaching and training in Civil Aviation Flight University of China.