Are you upbeat or powerful?
BE UPBEAT The beat makes the class!

Let the music guide your mind and body, feel the energy around you and throw yourself in a real cardio party.

Get ready for a great journey through hills and valleys for a fat-burning cardio. Working with hand weights and core movements get ready for a full body workout: abs, gluts, toned legs is all included.

We incorporate combinations of ladders, sprints, jumps and climbs with spinning versions of push-ups and tap-backs.

This class is sure to get you more than the average spinning class. Just enjoy your experience… It’s your time!

Dance and party on the bike!

BE POWERFULPush your limits further!

We like challenges, set goals and work hard to push you to your best. That’s what you come for…

In this non-stop, high intensity workout will have you waving your towel, moving and grooving to the hottest tracks & energetic playlists and play with power and resistance to promote muscular and cardiovascular development.

This training session involve fast tempo endurances and intervals combined with steady, consistent pedaling with medium to heavy resistance.

This is your chance to test yourself. Are you ready for the challenge?

Be proud of what you achieve!